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Video: NOT imitate - Dangerous Mentos Cola glitch!

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We regularly find exciting and funny videos on the World Wide Web! This time: a Mentos Cola experiment goes back a good deal. Please, dont't try that!

Men are known to be play children. These two try a well-known experiment with Mentos and Cola - which in the truest sense of the word goes back badly.

You have already seen many videos mixing mentos and coke. The chemical reaction that develops between the popular mints and the much-loved lemonade is literally bombastic. Cola injects with incredible pressure from vessels, mouths or other experimental objects.

However, these two men crown the experimentation parade. What starts like any other Mentos Cola video ends up being one thing: painful. Because the executive of the two Americans comes up with the brilliant idea to quickly close the Cola bottle with Mentos content again. The result: The Mentos Cola mishap par excellence. The filming friend seems to suspect the disaster and slowly moves away. But too late: The bottle turns into a flying rocket - which races straight into the camera and overturns the man behind it.

The two kids will have enough of their chemical Mentos Cola glitch - you still have to smile. We say: Please do not imitate!