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Wunderweib says hello!

The whole editorial of Wunderweib says hello!

Welcome to our new page

When I saw Wunderweib for the first time, I did not know what it was or wanted to be, but then something UNBELIEVABLE happened.

Exactly 1 1/2 years later, Wunderweib reaches many new friends and has grown enormously. And we are proud as Oskar, to finally show you our heart project in a new look.

A big treasure chest full of great content that is now much easier to access.

Recent articles are written by passionate people whose inspiration is life. Our lyrics are down-to-earth, lifelike and offer you a direct added value.

Every day a little smarter, a little bit more beautiful and just like to entertain well - that is our claim!

No more and no less, or in one sentence: We want you to feel at home with us!

And in that sense, we warmly welcome you!

As a thank you for your great support, we are giving away 20 Choco-telegrams from Chocolissimo to all the Wunderweib friends.

Just fill in the form below - good luck!

Your editorial team of Wunderweib

Entry deadline is 01.July 2014