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Cookie cheesecake ice cream - without ice cream maker

For the special ice moment: Refine your cookie ice cream with fresh raspberries.
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Make ice yourself

Our new favorite ice cream: a homemade cookie-cheesecake ice cream. A velvety soft cream cheese, refined with crispy cookies.

A cheesecake icecream alone is already a force - refined with many small cookie pieces this cookie cheesecake ice cream is our favorite summer candy.

What we can not get enough of? From a creamy piece of cheesecake and crunchy-crispy cookies. And that's why we combine the two delicacies to an irresistibly delicious ice cream pleasure. Like the New York original, our cookie cheesecake ice cream is made from velvety-soft cream cheese. You like the classic German cheese cake? Then you access to quark.

Cherries or raspberries? Apricots or blueberries? It tastes like what. Crown your home-made cookie ice cream with a fruity topping and look forward to a velvety soft ice cream pleasure - prepare now and enjoy this afternoon.

Cookie Cheesecake Ice

Ingredients (6 portions of 100 ml each)

80 g double cream cheese, 2 tbsp sugar, 100 ml whipped cream, 3 chocolate cookies, 3 tbsp jam


1. Cream cheese with 1 tablespoon of creamy sugar. Beat the cream with 1 tbsp. Stiff and bring it under the cream cheese.

2. Crumble the cookies and stir gently under the cream cheese.

3. Coat the inside of 6 small jars with the jam. Fill cream cheese with fresh cheese and put an ice stick in the middle. Put the ice-creams covered in the freezer for at least 4 hours.