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The style of Taylor Lautner

Star Styles at Check: Taylor Lautner

Because of second fiddle: in the "Twilight" -Triologie pulls Taylor Lautner as a werewolf Jacob at Bella but the short straw. But in terms of styling, he has his screen colleague a lot ahead.

Taylor Lautner
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Time to take a closer look at his fashion style.

His martial arts talent and his megawatt smile could make Taylor Lautner the next action star. It's fitting that his big role model is Tom Cruise. And at least fashionable Taylor Lautner has already taken over much of the action stars of the first squad. His beloved leather-jacket-jeans-combination would not like to take off the "Breathless - Dangerous Truth" star anymore. But when the opportunity demands, the dark-haired actor cuts a fine figure in a suit.

The style of Taylor Lautner you discover in the gallery (12 images).

However, you should not be fooled by his penchant for comfortable outfits. Because unlike his "Twilight" co-stars even Taylor's casual leisure look is always stylish and perfectly matched. Because he is very athletic, freedom of movement in his clothes is an absolutely important factor for him. Prior to his breakthrough as a Hollywood werewolf, Taylor won various gold medals in karate competitions.

Taylor Lautner loves figure-hugging suits

Taylor Lautner tends to gray and black in the color palette of his suits and loves body-conscious cuts. Thanks to the interesting patterns or fabric structure of his outfits, he always sets fashion highlights on the red carpet. And his leather jacket collection is also impressive. Whether smooth leather or worn out, Taylor has the right jacket in the closet for every occasion.

Only in the choice of his shoes, the mini-Tom Cruise should practice a bit, because his beloved workboots just do not fit to everything. But Taylor Lautner's style "classically elegant with a twist" could well cut off many of Hollywood's young male stars.

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