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These dresses flatter every woman

If you want to walk so happy through the spring, you just have to decide on a clothes trend. Pattern, Denim, Retro - The right cut for every woman!
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Find the right dress trend for yourself now

They are true all-rounders and now make every look - whether ethnic, pink, jeans or retro. The most beautiful new clothes, who owns and what fits. Now you just have to decide on a dress trend .

This dress trend is for every woman. However, large-scale patterns are better for women over 1.70 m. Smaller ladies prefer to adorn themselves with small-scale ethno prints and not to opulent cuts. As far as styling is concerned, floor-length ethno dresses are best for "trendy colleagues" and do not like style breaks. That's why it's best to grab flat leather sandals - whether braided, with straps or in Roman style. Also practice restraint when choosing jewelry and choose subtle Bohemian pieces.

Clothes in cotton candy tones are just for little girls? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! If you want to style the color feminine, wear lace pumps or flats. For a super modern look knee socks or socks and lace-ups in the men's style are good. Always great: sparkling earrings. For brunette guys, bright dresses are ideal. Even women with light skin tones look great in such dresses - if they choose darker shades.

Yes, yes, these patterns are just for women with curves . Important: Small patterns in the chest cheat big bosom smaller, dark parts "swallow" a few puffs too much. And the most important combination tip: Sample dresses want to be in the center and do not tolerate any competition! Play it safe when you combine with a lot of black. This always looks elegant and the prints are great! Especially pretty: when accessories pick up colors from the dress and repeat.

We still like to indulge in old times and pull through the retro style consistently. Fifties dresses are particularly delighted with the accompaniment of wide-strap platform sandals, which create a nostalgic Riviera feel and harmonize best in color 1: 1. The emphasis on the waist is also compulsory -belt belts are our favorite accessory.

Jeans fabrics are very friendly because they are not skin-tight. Color inserts, belts, patch pockets emphasize only one part of the body, so that every woman can find THE dress for her pluses. Also in terms of style, they are super diverse: For the denim dress with a light wash, we combine a whole Woodstock-like fur jacket and folklore accessories. With a striped shirt under the A-line dress and rivet ballerinas, we are immediately trés jolie. The denim dress becomes sporty with parka and print sneakers. In denim for the evening event? Goes now too - but accompanied by high heels, jewelry and a chic oversized coat!

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