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Boris Becker: Dramatic crash!

Boris Becker and Lilly make only nice photos on the Internet, like here with son Amadeus and a girlfriend.
Photo: Twitter @Becker_Boris

What has become of our sports idol?

Bright day, the velvety soft air on the Bahamas dream island Paradise Iceland is pleasant 28 degrees warm. A man, to whom a young woman on the beach pour the last drop of rosé champagne, looks bloated, the face is red. It does not seem to have been the only bottle the couple emptied that day.

Other tourists recognize Boris Becker (45) only at second glance. For God's sake - how has he changed? The former sports idol is already slightly disoriented. Shortly thereafter, he falls exhausted on a beach chair and falls asleep. It is really shocking. Especially since his little son Amadeus (2) plays in the sand only a few meters away from him. He would have liked to build a castle with dad.

The former athlete, however, prefers to sit at the poker table today, let himself be seduced by his wife to party and bubbly and prefers the relaxed beach life regulated job. Former sports colleagues and friends are very worried. Especially since Boris yes for some time again and again with financial problems in the headlines.

It is the crash of a world star! A real tragedy. how could it get so far? A large proportion is probably attributed to Lilly (36), Boris Becker's second wife. Bubbly, long gala nights, Ausraster in public, luxury addiction and airs - their behavior always causes a stir. What Boris does not like at all. Will she finally ruin him?

Even his mother Elvira has already switched on, wanted to mediate. Her youngest grandson, Klein Amadeus (2), needs a healthy family! It also seemed to work. For a short while Lilly pulled herself together. But now she shows her true face again. And the tennis star learns the bitter truth about his wife: Lilly thinks only of herself.

She takes no consideration and knows no boundaries. If she likes something, she wants it. And she does not even stop at Noah - the eldest son of Boris . At the Berlin Fashion Week, where she showed up a few days later without her husband, the Dutch flirted unabashedly with her stepson.

Incredible! Many observers shook their heads in bewilderment. Noah was fascinated by his attractive stepmom. Which 19-year-old would have reacted differently ...

And Boris ? He was in London, visiting his favorite restaurant, the "Nobu". After that he seemed quite attacked again. As in the Bahamas. Hopefully he can pull the emergency brake for himself and his children. They need him. And he is only 45 years old.

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