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Fernbusse: How to travel well and cheaply by bus

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  1. More and more long-distance buses drive between the cities - and offer a cheap alternative to the train
  2. The long distance bus market leader compared
  3. Where can I find the cheapest tickets?
  4. Your right as a passenger
  5. How safe are long-distance buses?

More and more long-distance buses drive between the cities - and offer a cheap alternative to the train

The offer for long-distance coach travel is getting bigger and more attractive. For passengers who want to travel by long-distance coach, you can find out here ...

It is the travel trend of the year! Whether city trip or relatives visit: More and more Germans choose the long-distance bus . In 2013, the number of passengers was nine million. By the end of 2014 it was already twice as many.

This is mainly due to the fierce prices with which currently attract around 50 providers. Even long distances such. B. from Hamburg to Munich are available from 28 euros - and thus significantly cheaper than train tickets or carpools. Indeed, a survey by the market research institute IGES shows that 44 percent of passengers are former railway customers and another 38 percent switched from the car to the long-distance bus .

The disadvantage that long-distance bus travelers are usually a little longer on the road, the providers try to compensate for comfort: large legroom, wireless Internet and air conditioning are standard. Since many providers let their buses drive a maximum of 2.5 years, the safety technology is also up to date (see below). Some lines like FlixBus also rely on regular safety training for the drivers.

In addition, investments are being made in a permanent expansion of the route network. Only in August 2014, the coach market broke the record of 30 000 trips a month. "Especially on weekends, companies offer up to 30 percent more departures than just a few months ago, " says Fahrten-Fuchs Managing Director Julian Hauck.

If you also want to change to long-distance buses , we have put together the most important tips here. Have fun and have a good trip!

The long distance bus market leader compared

Stiftung Warentest has examined the largest long-distance bus providers . Here are the results:

88 lines and 241 destinations.
Comfort: including large sitting distance, WLAN.
Drinks / snacks: yes.
Luggage: 1 hand luggage + 2 suitcases.
Test result "good" (2, 2)

90 lines with 148 destinations.
Comfort: including large sitting distance, WLAN.
Drinks / snacks: yes.
Luggage: 1 hand luggage + laptop bag + 2 suitcases.
Test result "good" (1, 8)

Addendum: MeinFernbus and Flixbus have merged in January 2015 (ie after this test) and are now called "MyFernbus Flixbus". Travel can still be booked separately on the individual pages of the providers, but should continue to be merged until summer 2015. Already it can happen that a passenger on the side of, for example, Flixbus book a trip from MeinFernbus, but the passenger is then informed before the start of the journey by e-mail or SMS - so that the passenger knows whether he is looking for a blue or green bus must look out.

Berlin bus:
21 national and 13 international lines with over 250 destinations.
Comfort: including armchair, Wi-Fi, free newspapers and magazines.
Drinks / snacks: from 4 hours driving time.
Luggage: only hand luggage.
Test result "good" (2.0).

The network of providers is constantly being expanded.

Where can I find the cheapest tickets?

If you solve your ticket with the driver, you pay heavily - up to three times the lowest price. This one's among other things:

On the internet pages of the provider. Many lines such. B. offer there a "best price guarantee" and special discounts for action days.

On comparison portals . Websites like or search out the cheapest tariff from all available lines.

About outlets (usually at bus stations) and travel agencies. Disadvantage: Comparisons are difficult, because not all bus companies offer their tickets there.

Your right as a passenger

My bus is delayed: For routes over 250 kilometers, the following applies: If the bus departs more than two hours late, travelers have the right to reimbursement of the full ticket price. On a delayed arrival, such as traffic jams, passengers have no claims.

I would like to change or cancel my ticket: that is not a problem, depending on the provider also at short notice. However, mostly fees are due.

I forgot something on the bus: Providers such as Flix Bus or Mein-Fernbus have their own lost property offices, which help in the search for lost items. A liability claim does not exist, however, because valuables are legally subject to the duty of care of the traveler.

I would like to take an animal with me: with almost all offerers this is not permitted. However, there are exceptions for guide dogs.

The driver stops to take a break: he has to. From a driving time of 4.5 hours, 45 minutes are compulsory. It is irrelevant whether the bus drove or stood in a traffic jam, for example.

I could not ride: Who the ride z. B. could not compete for reasons of illness, according to consumer centers has a right to reimbursement of the fare, if the space was awarded elsewhere.

I want to complain: Here helps the arbitration body for public transport, Berlin. Tel .: 030/64 49 93 30 or

How safe are long-distance buses?

The Federal Statistical Office declared long-distance buses to be the safest means of transport at all. In 2012, only three people died in bus accidents - with around five million passengers throughout Germany. By comparison, the risk of a car is 200 times higher! The reason: The long-distance buses of the major lines are equipped according to the latest safety standards, such as reinforced passenger compartments with rollover protection, three-point seat belts (seat belt), electronic lane assistants and distance control machines. If you still want to be on the safe side: Never sit at the very front or at the very back - statistically, in an accident, the risk of injury in a coach is greatest.

Long-distance buses are not for you? How about a ride?

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