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In the Footsteps of PandoraA Travel to the North of Thailand: On the Road in Chiang Mai & Lamphun

Northern Thailand is considered one of the best places for handmade jewelery worldwide. This is exactly where jewelry manufacturer Pandora has opened its new factory. was there and on the way in Chiang Mai.

Very far away: editor Tina was traveling in Thailand on exotic paths.
Photo: PR / Pandora
  1. Why is Thailand considered a home of jewelry?
  2. What does the jewelry look like for spring and summer?
  3. One day and one night in Chiang Mai

March 22, 2017: The sun is already high in the sky in Lamphun, near the Thai city of Chiang Mai, when the new factory of the Danish jewelry manufacturer Pandora is officially opened. 5, 000 employees are expected to work here in the near future. Nearly 1, 500 are already working hard and working on various things such as chain and bracelet pendants, rings and earrings. As soon as I enter the plant in Lamphun today, the size dimensions are working.

Why is Thailand considered a home of jewelry?

Thailand is one of the world's most important jewelery and gemstones locations. The handicrafts of Thais in this area go back to a long tradition. The BGJF - the Bangkok Trade Fair for Gemstones and Jewelery - is today one of the most important jewelery fairs in the world.

The new plant in Lamphun near Chiang Mai is not the first of Pandora in Thailand. In fact, the company founded in 1982 by the Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen has been producing here for almost 30 years. The main plant is located in Gemopolis, Bangkok. Pandora currently has more than 21, 500 employees worldwide, 12, 400 of whom work in Thailand alone.

But why is this work so special? Sustainability is very important here in Lamphun, according to Pandora. It is not only working with recycled materials, also the water and energy consumption has been said to be kept to a minimum. This is also proven by the LEED certificate, which was awarded to the new production facility. The Leadership in Energy and Envi- ronmental Design (LEED) certificate will be awarded if certain standards for environmentally friendly, sustainable and resource-efficient construction are met.

It is hard to imagine: Millions of jewels will be made here in Lamphun over the next few months and years. From the first model to the painting of delicate flower rings - every step is done by hand. Every year, according to Pandora alone, billions of sparkling gemstones are made for the numerous rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. With a sure hand, the employees use every single stone with tweezers. If you are allowed to look over your shoulder, you will quickly realize that this requires a really good eye.

And what is being worked on right now? Exactly, on the current spring and summer collection for 2017. Have you become curious? We've already got a look at what's in store for you ...

What does the jewelry look like for spring and summer?

It sparkles and flashes already from far away, as in the evening we enter after the inspection of the new work the Showroom. Now there is something for jewelery fans to watch. Before us, the entire spring / summer 2017 collection of Pandora is spread. Let's go with spring and many tender, playful flower combinations. For mother's day, of course, many heart variations may not be missing. Also clearly recognizable: the trend towards rose gold. Very pretty.

In the summer it gets more colorful: Exotic flowers, friends and forms from the sea - this has inspired the design team around the Chief Creative Officer Stephen Fairchild. Especially the many bright colors are something completely new for Pandora. "If you look at the variety - we've never done anything like that, " explains Stephen Fairchild himself. The entire process of developing a new design takes 11 months.

Die Frühjahrs-/Sommerkollektion 2017 von Pandora
Beach, sea and a lot of fun: That's what this summer at Pandora.
Photo: PR / Pandora

But whether flowery for spring or exotic for the summer, all designs have one thing in common. They are all part of Pandora's new "Do" campaign. The idea is to encourage women to discover a new strength in themselves and to inspire them to be honest with who they are and what they want from life. "The time was ripe, " says Minna Philipson, Chief Marketing Officer. Your personal "Do": "Do indulge, but do good." To German about: "Treat yourself something, but do good."

"Do Love" ("Love", "Do Be True To Yourself"), "Do Celebrate": Such messages definitely appeal to us.

One day and one night in Chiang Mai

Of course, there were many other things to see in the north of Thailand. If you are looking for a place that captivates you immediately, Chiang Mai is the destination for you. I immediately felt at home in this mix of tradition and modernity. While I planted rice during the day and walked through temples, the colorful and noisy night market in the center of Chiang Mai attracted me in the evening - a great mix. unterwegs in Chiang Mai
Fascinating contrasts: on the left a part of the temple Wat Phra Singh, on the right the night market in Chiang Mai.
Photo: Editorial

Although there are many tourists on the islands in the south of Thailand with their paradisiacal beaches, the north is definitely worth a visit. If it is not enough for you to find 300 temples in Chiang Mai alone, you may be pleased to hear that northern Thailand is also the home of elephants. My tip: A visit to an elephant farm, where you can feed and care for the animals.

Reis anpflanzen in Chiang Mai
We do it like the Thais - and plant rice.
Photo: PR / Pandora