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Rihanna in absolute baby fever

Rihanna baby

Rihanna as a loving mom? We could not quite imagine so far.

Rihanna baby
Photo: Rihanna / Twitter
But now the singer showed with a cute newborn in her arms and proves: Even in her mother's feelings slumber.

Tattoos, Nippelblitzer, relationship chaos with rapper Drake - so far, the life of Rihanna (26) was more of party, provocation and problems. But now Rihanna suddenly proves that she can do it in a different way: Since June 8, 2014, RiRi has been posting a series of photos from the hospital, with a tender and cute newborn in her arms. This is her niece, the daughter of her cousin Noella Alstrom, born in early June.

There are even more cute baby pictures of young starlets here:

"I can not get enough, I'm so in love, " Rihanna wrote to one of the pictures. On another, she gives the baby a vial with her heavily tattooed arm.

And the baby seems to feel really comfortable in the arm of her famous aunt. Whether Rihanna now fancies her own offspring? Since the breakup with Drake, however, she has not had the appropriate partner.

Rihanna with baby niece

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