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Table decoration as in the favorite sushi bar

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Get Far East home

Why wander to the Far East? With pastel colors and clear forms, the Japanese comes to you.

To the point

It does not take much - just a few typical Japanese elements transform the table into a Far Eastern table : Paint the ends of the chopsticks with acrylic paint and fix them waterproof with clear lacquer. Label a narrow strip of tracing paper with a black felt-tip pen, place it around the neck of the tangram swan and hold it together with a paperclip.

Small square plate "Oiva", about 14 €: Marimekko Cutting board, about 80 €: WMF. Rectangular plate "Maguelone", about 36 €: JarsCeramistes. Tangram, from about 5 €: or toy store. Paper clips, 100 pieces, about 10 €: Manufactum. Mug, about 8 €: Bloomingville. TIschdecke, about 40 €: Butlers. Porcelain folding boat, approx. 32 €: PiaBaastrup via

In the bag

How the modern version of Ikebana, the Japanese floral art, goes? Quite simply: fold pretty pyramids out of wallpaper in DIN A3 format, put mini-vases in them and equip them with long-stemmed anthuriums, jasmine vines, horsetail and curcuma.

The detailed instructions for download can be found here

Marble wallpapers, each about 70 €: FermLiving. Chest of drawers, about 495 €: Octopus. Carafe, about 22 €, glass, about 11 €: Bloomingville

From the role

Since the napkins have been inspired by the menu and yet smoothly wound up sushi rolls! Fold colored colored napkins into rectangles and iron. Roll one napkin together, wrap a second one of a different color around it and tie it together with a decorative band.

Placemat "bread, butter, salt", about 98 €: nostalgia in the nursery. Teapot "Oiva", approx. 75 €: Marimekko via Bamboo chair, about 149 €: House Doctor over Car