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Knitting Tutorial: How to knit a ribbed cape

That's what you need:

Schachenmayr Soft Mix,
25 g ball of wool 45% polyamide,
30% Alpaca and 25% pure new wool,
Barrel length 25 g = 113 m Color 00090 (medium gray) Ball 27
Check the bands and use only balls of the same color lot. The material consumption can vary from person to person.

The Cape is perfect for the transitional period
Photo: Deco & Style

of Milward Knitting Needles 10, 0 mm • A woolen needle to sew the threads

That's how it works:

In the basic pattern (3 ply): 11 M and 16 R = 10 cm x 10 cm.
Kraus right: 11 M and 16 R = 10 cm x 10 cm If the mesh size is different, use thicker or thinner needles.

Kraus right: Knit all the sts on the right and the back. Basic pattern: Number of stitches divisible by 4th 1st row (front row): * 2 sts in right, 1 st in left, 1 st in stocking st, repeat from *. 2nd row (back): * Knit 3 sts left, 1 st at left, repeat from *.
Always repeat the 1st and 2nd Rs. • Knot Edge: Knit the edges in the back and the back.

Attention: The yarn is processed 3-ply. The cape is knitted in one piece, starting at the back lower edge.

Cast on 108 sts and knit approx. 5 cm on the crotch to the right. Then knit in the following order: nodular margin, 4 sts on the right, 44 sts in the base st, 10 sts on the right, 44 sts in the base st, 4 sts on the right, knot margins. After approx. 78 cm from the stop divide the work in the middle and finish both sides separately = 54 sts on each side.

Continue as follows: 1 knot margin, 4 sts on the right, 44 sts in the base pattern, 4 sts on the right, knot edge. After 73 cm in this division knit approx. 5 cm kraus on the right, then cast off all sts.

Knit the left front as the right front.

Tighten the part, moisten and let it dry. Sew all threads with the wool needle.

Click here for the complete guide.