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Enhance charisma: Get more charisma

Good thoughts, do not let it get you down (not even by yourself), make a good charisma
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The secret of likable people: why some are simply more popular than others

Some people just have to look at them - and they are already in their spell. Where does this charisma come from? And: is it possible to improve one's own charisma?

Do you know that? This certain something that some people exude?

They come in - and immediately attract all the attention. Everyone feels: Obviously, this person is something special. You will find her likeable right from the start, you want to listen to her.

Secretly we think: That's how we would like to work! And we ask ourselves: is this radiation innate?

Psychologists say no. They capture the secret of strong charisma on certain personality traits. The good news: You can also make that inner attitude your own. All we have to do is work on it ...

10 tips - How to improve your charisma:

1. Do not complain, act!

You are dissatisfied with something? Then do not complain, but do something about it. You do not have to change your whole life right away. Start with little things: a new haircut, a new hobby or a little decoration in the apartment provide variety and enrich your life. And your satisfaction with these small changes can already have a big impact on your charisma.

2. Think positive

Who paints everything black and sees only the bad, also gets a bad charisma. Try to look into the future in a solution-oriented way, find the sparkle of hope that is always somewhere, and stick to it. From time to time consciously withdraw into happy daydreams - even that can give you a more positive appearance. (Easier said than done? Here are 5 tricks for positive thinking >>)

3. Know his strengths

Every person has strengths and weaknesses. People with charisma shine with their sunny sides, instead of focusing on weaknesses. You do not know where your strengths lie? Ask friends and become aware of your pluses.

4. show attitude

Stooped to go through life? That is out of the question for people with a positive attitude. An upright posture symbolizes self-assurance. This does not look haughty, but strong. This also includes: do not cross arms, but let loose.

5. Say your opinion

Charismatics have their own opinions - and express them. Your honesty is admired! That is why it is important to address problems in conversations. As long as you do not get hurt, you can also criticize others. (More tips: How to stay fair in the fight)

6. smile!

The 1000 watt headlight comes on when your girlfriend is beaming at you? The secret behind it is not really any, because we only have to remember to do just that: to smile at others! Also like the cashier in the supermarket. (Speaking of: Our plea for more friendliness)

7. Listen carefully

Appreciation and attention are characteristic of people with charisma. They are honestly interested in others. Therefore, anyone who speaks to someone should always listen with concentration and show respect. And if you get a compliment, just accept it. That too is charisma! (How to learn to listen properly >>)

8. Stop fears

Fears are slowing us down. And that's why we should overcome our fears. Sounds easier said than done.

Write down your fears and be as specific as possible. Think about how you can solve each problem in turn. Do not look at the big mountain of problems, but one at a time. Then go to action. Each solved problem gives you a boost of self-confidence - and therefore strength to possibly tackle the next major problem. The pride in solving your problems gives them a good deal of charisma.

9. Do not be shy ...

Shy people who hide rather than show can not attract attention to other people. Be aware that you are cooking with water only. He is a human like you and also has his problems. This may be a bit of a shame for you. Train your shyness by talking to strangers. Ask for directions or where to find a product in the supermarket. Over time, you will become safer in dealing with other people - and so improve your charisma. (More tips to overcome shyness can be found here >>)

10. Life is beautiful!

"It's not the big joys that count the most, it's about making a lot out of the little ones, " said American writer Jean Webster. Please admonish this saying. Go through life with open eyes and not only wait for the big luck, but recognize the many small pleasures on your way.

The cloud in the shape of a heart, the track reached at the last moment, the great sunset ... treat yourself now and then. Take a fragrant bath in peace and quiet, dance to your favorite music on your own.

This gives you strength and confidence to survive even worse times - and improves your charisma.

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