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InstructionsKnitting instructions: With this long scarf you are now fully in the trend

What keeps you warm and trendy this year? Right, long scarfs in XXL size! Here is the matching knitting pattern.

The long scarf does not make us so cold
Photo: Deco & Style

That's what you need:

Lana Grossa quality »Lana Grossa Silkhair« (70% Mohair Superkid, 30% silk, running length 210 m / 25 g): 100 g beige, 50 g taupe, 50 g rosewood; Lana Grossa quality »Lace Merino« (100% virgin wool, run length 400 m / 50 g): 150 g cream, 150 g powder pink | Circular Needle No. 4, 5, 100 cm long | blunt darning needle

That's how it works:
Kraus right
Knit right stitches both in back and forth rows.

Nodule-edge stitch
Always knit the 1st and last stitches to the right, pulling on the thread at the beginning of the row.

Both yarns are always twofold, and combined, entangled. Please note the color sequence below. Kraus right with needles No. 4, 5: 18 stitches x 36 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

color sequence
Row 1-44:
Lace Merino in Cream with Silkhair in Taupe
Series 45-88:
Lace Merino in Cream with Silkhair in Beige
Series 89 - 132:
Lace merino in powder pink with Silkhair in beige
Series 133 -176:
Lace merino in powder pink with silkhair in rosewood

1. The scarf is knit crosswise: Knit 360 stitches and knit tightly crotch, always working the knot edge stitch. Note the color sequence given in the left column.
2. After 214 rows bind off the loops loosely and sew the threads with the darning needle.

And here you can download the manual.