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This is how Mä works

Where to go with the old clothes?

Selling the old stuff - that brings money and is great fun! So: pack clothes and go! But we do not have to wait for the junk season, there are many platforms on the net, such as the girls flea market, which makes selling more convenient and easier.

Because of useless junk! We have long known that flea markets are THE hot spot for real treasures. Less hot : getting up early, bad weather and crowds in front of the best stalls make us enjoy the bargain hunt. Our tip: bet on virtual alternatives like girls flea market .de .

The sales portal Mädchenflohmarkt .de, behind which the platform is based, was launched in 2013. Here, members can either upload their garments themselves or send them to the company, which will then take care of product descriptions, photography, storage and shipping. Concierge service means that at Mä Gladly seen in the shop: designer goods! Here you can get good prices.

For every garment sold, 10% of the selling price goes to Mä The commission is due but only after a successful sale.

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