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How to transform your hoop into picture frames

The picture frames are perfect for keeping or giving away!
Photo: deco & style

Magical Photo Ideas

Normal picture frames are too boring for us. Instead, we make beautiful photo frames from old knitting frames. Perfect as a gift!

You need this for the picture frames:

  • Printer or copier and paper
  • Photos in black and white
  • hoop
  • Embroidery Thread (by Anchor in colors 129, 253, 870, 305, 86)
  • embroidery needle
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Print or copy photos on paper in A4 and A3 (possibly in the copy shop).

2. Clamp the photos in the embroidery hoops and cut off excess paper.

3. Re-embroider elements in the photos with colored yarn in flat or chain stitch.

Prop: table: Car furniture, 165.90 euros, pictures: depot, 12.99 euros, table furniture: depot, 19.99 euros