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Henry Cavill's body in Man of Steel is superhuman

Eight hours of training a day instead of upholstery for Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill / Twitter

Everything is possible in the dream factory, as it would have been no problem to put a little padding on the new Superman Henry Cavill or to use a body double. But nothing there, who gets hold of such a role, has to toil hard, probably thought the Briton and betrayed "Access Hollywood" now his blatant training program. "We have trained a lot, I trained for about six months. [...] Since February, I had increased my workload to about eight hours a day, "he explains his absolutely stunning upper body, which had just appeared naked in photos on the Internet. At the same time, however, he stressed that we can not expect him constantly without clothes in "Man of Steel". Henry Cavill does not carry a six-pack, but an eight-packIt is only a small sequence in the film, he smiles further at the sensation, the his body triggered online: "It's just that, people shoot a lot of pictures when they get the chance." Nevertheless, Henry Cavill stresses he just wanted to prove that everything is real and not just smoke and sound, even though he is in Hollywood is located. He judges his muscular front view not as a six-pack, but as an eight-pack. He does not seem to know at least false modesty