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Wind lanterns make for autumn - that's how it works

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  1. Brightly lit
  2. Windlichter tinker: Beautiful ensemble
  3. Windlichter tinker: Picturesque still life
  4. Windlichter tinker: Country style

Brightly lit

With homemade and stylishly decorated lanterns, the fall becomes even more colorful. We have some simple ideas for you to copy.

Windlichter tinker: Beautiful ensemble

Flowers and ornamental gourds enter into a liaison with lanterns - together they are doing very well. A happy play of colors makes autumn dreams come true ...

Turn your terrace, your balcony or your rooms into a sea of ​​tealights and matching autumn flowers. Strong colors and many candles give the darker days more brightness.

(Photo: Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen. Candles & manufacturer information on Accessories & Decoration:

Windlichter tinker: Picturesque still life

You can not draw so well? And still lifes are not that her thing? Then make yourself a real one!

Red pillar candles and orange, soft candlelight harmonize wonderfully with fresh seasonal fruits - their very personal artwork.

(Photo: Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen. Candles & manufacturer information on

Tinker turrets : decorated with leaves

For this you need:

Glass wind lights, collected berries, leaves, chestnuts, ornamental apples and cones, pillar candles, myrtle wire, scissors

That's how it works:

1. Fill lanterns with berries, chestnuts, ornamental apples or cones and put a candle in.2. Thread the ornamental apples on a myrtle wire and put them around a lantern as a chain.3. Thread the leaves on a myrtle wire and tie it as a chain around a lantern, knot the wire.

20 € Glass windlights: from left to right: Windlight / Vase Dahlia about 19.95 EUR, Vase Noble about 19.95 EUR, Vase Noble ca 14.95 EUR)

Windlichter tinker : Delicious and decorative

Look what you can do with the fruits of autumn. Here are garbed pumpkins as flower vases and apples as small candlesticks.

To do this, you simply have to oil the fruits carefully, clean them and decorate them as you like. Little tip: The bigger the oily apple, the more it works as a lantern.

(Photo: Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen. Candles & manufacturer information on Accessoires & Decoration:

Windlichter tinker: Colorful

Minimal effort with a big impact: Decorate lanterns with some sand, flowers or berries. A bit of raffia or decorative cords set the icing on the cake.

A little tip: Combine bright colors, such as flamingo with grass green.

(Photo: Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen. Candles & manufacturer information on Accessories & Decoration:

Windlichter tinker: Country style

Now decorated in a country house look . Take empty jam jars to hand. Wrap a deco wire (craft shop) around and attach a cord so they can hang the lantern. Also on the table makes an old glass in a new function a good figure.

A little tip: Vary with the colors of the tealights - red, white and blue are classic colors for the country house style.

(Lanterns seen at:

Tinker Windlichter : With nuts

You need this:

1x lantern large (eg from the depot), 1x small lantern (eg from Depot or Karstadt), double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa), ribbon in different colors and widths, hot glue gun and hot glue, hazelnuts ( Delicatessen, supermarket), almonds (deli, supermarket), 2 different sized block candles in white, acorns (collect yourself), craft wire (craft shop), decouples (craft shops), scissors

That's how it works:

1. Stick a layer of narrow double-sided tape to the large lantern below the glass arch and glue ribbon (here turquoise) over it. Tie the ribbon in front to a bow. Leave the ends slightly longer and cut off at an angle.2. Now stick the hazelnuts on the ribbon with hot glue.3. Put a second loop ribbon in a different color over the turquoise ribbon and pull the ends behind the loop from the first ribbon. Make these ends longer and cut off at an angle.4. Fill the big lantern with almonds and hazelnuts and place a big block candle in the middle.5. In the small lantern cover the ground with acorns. Also place the candle on it.6. Put a ribbon around the center of the glass and fix it with hot glue.7. On craft wire alternately line up decouples and acorns. First thread a bead on the wire and then wrap an acorn on the hat with the wire. Repeat until the bead is long enough. Put the whole thing around the ribbon. Knot the wire at the back and fix with hot glue if necessary.

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