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Instructions for a cool ceiling lamp

Cool light source: You can easily make the lamp yourself
Photo: deco & style

Decoration Special Bravo Girl!

This cool lamp gives your room an individual touch. Craft with your girlfriends the ceiling light but just after!

You need that for the lamp:

  • 2 equal lampshades (from Amazon)
  • 1 lamp socket with cable (by Connox)
  • 1 roll of white textile adhesive tape (craft shop)
  • scissors
  • 1 roll of black masking tape (craft shop)

And that's how easy it is:

1. First, screw the lamp socket + cable to the lower lampshade - upside down, ie the narrower opening downwards.

2. Now guide the lamp cable through the lampshade frame of the second upper lampshade - this time in the right direction, ie with the narrower opening facing upwards.

3. Now glue the two lampshades with white textile tape flush together.

4. Now stick black MaskingTape (craft shop) horizontally around the upper and lower edge - you do the same in the middle.

5. Finally, cut the desired letters and stick them in the correct size on the lamp parts.

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