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DIY tip: Pillow felt

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It's easy

Felting Pillows: Looks great, works very fast and is great for giving away. We have three ideas with guidance.

You need this:

  • Cushion covers made of felt or wool with insertion opening (no cotton fabrics are suitable)
  • Brush pad for dry felting (craft shop, Rayher, Item #: 5322900)
  • loose felt wool in natural white (craft shop)
  • Felt needle handle with 6 fine felting needles (craft shop, by Rayher, 3, 79 Û)
  • loose felt wool in turquoise and gray (craft shop)
  • fine felt needle handle for a needle (craft shop)
  • Felting needles fine (craft shop, 4 pieces about 3, 99 Euro)
  • compasses
  • French chalk
  • ruler

It's that easy:

Pillow with the circle:

Draw a circle with a tailor's circle filling the front of the pillow. Push in brush pad. Felt threads in natural white and give it a felt through the fabric with the 6-felted felt and fine felt needles. By felting the felting needles up and down repeatedly, felt the pattern through the fabric.

Cushion with diamond pattern:

Draw a diamond pattern on the front of the pillow using a ruler and a tailor's chalk. Lay thin felt wool threads in turquoise on the pre-drawn lines and slide down the brush base. By repeatedly moving up and down with the fine felt needle, felt through the fabric.

Pillow with dots:

Insert brush pad into the pillowcase. Make small circles out of felt wool and spread over the front of the pillow. Felt through the fabric with the fine, simple felt needle.