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Video: That's how German sounds to foreigners

Sounds terrible!

How does German actually sound in comparison to other languages? This unflattering video shows us the unadorned reality ...

What are we known for German abroad? For the Oktoberfest, beer and white sausage. Rather less for our beautiful language . Can we understand this well after watching this video : In the funny short film, different vocabulary words are spoken in French, Italian, English, Spanish and German.

farfalla, butterfly - butterfly

It becomes clear: The German language sounds in the international comparison just awful! While a word like "papillon" in the charming French woman with her glass of wine directly to dream or in Italy as "farfalla" reminiscent of a declaration of love, sounds like a German "butterfly" "somehow significantly harder ...

The video is not particularly flattering. But if our language is not the most beautiful, it's good that we Germans can laugh about us after all.

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