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Carmen Geiss in an interview

Carmen Geiss: The rich Rhineland woman delights her audience. The third season of the documentary soap is currently running.
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"When the camera is off, we fight even worse"

They are rich, shrill and lead a jet-set life. " The Geissens " lure millions of viewers in front of the TV. Carmen Geiss (47) interviewed us about her "Roobääärt" ...

Do you sometimes want a life without the TV fame?

Carmen Geiss: No, here in Monaco I get less with it. But in Germany I like the closeness to the fans and I am glad that we are so popular. It's nice when people come to us and say, keep up the good work.

Is it fun?

Carmen Geiss: Yes, we are the way we are, forget the cameras around us and that may be the secret of success.

If the camera is turned off, then complains Robert then?

Carmen Geiss (laughs): Then we are sometimes even worse and quarrel, or we crawl each other. Overall, but everything remains the same, because Robert and I are already very extreme!

You can also nag ...

Carmen Geiss: Yes, exactly. I also pass out, although he is known to be the one who distributes more. But seriously: We are the best friends, life partner, lover, counselor - just everything for each other. I could not imagine being with someone else.

Are you afraid that Robert could leave you for a younger one?

Carmen Geiss: No. He already had 30 years to do that. Why should he do that now? Just because we are known?

You are 47 - are menopause coming?

Carmen Geiss: So I do not notice anything yet. Maybe I have some time left. I am only mom for nine years.

Are you afraid of your 50th birthday?

Carmen Geiss: No, I do not feel like 47, so why should I be scared of my birthday? Aging is a nice thing, I have a lot of experience. You are smarter, I do not want to be 20 anymore. Getting older is like a good wine. Only in old age will he be well.

How do you deal with messages about marriage crisis and bankruptcy rumors?

Carmen Geiss: My God, you can not be everyone's darling. Some people do not like us. If you're prominent, you have to live with it. And we do that from a distance very well.

Recently you married your Robääärt in Las Vegas again ...

Carmen Geiss: It has been my dream to marry Robert again for a very long time. In the same city we were married to back then.

And that was in Las Vegas?

Carmen Geiss: Yes, and I have it in my head - no matter how.

He did not seem very relaxed ...

Carmen Geiss: The Robert is not the romantic, but he was not even at our first wedding.

And why did not you wear a white dress?

Carmen Geiss: Robert would have guessed what I was planning and would have said no. He did not know what I intended, wearing a beach dress and cowboy boots.

What awaits us in the new episodes?

Carmen Geiss: Among other things, we make the Bahamas and Key West uncertain and experience many funny things with our children. Robert had a special time on a shark island, where he fed the sharks in his typical way.

Fitness is announced in the new episodes from 10 October ...

Carmen Geiss: Yes, and I let my husband get something for the eye - especially a fitness trainer. Maybe he'll move!

What do you do?

Carmen Geiss: I do Zumba three times a week, a dance fitness program that is very exhausting. The only sport where I sweat a lot, but I also enjoy it immensely. When I'm not in Monaco, I usually have a private trainer.

Another hobby is shoes ...

Carmen Geiss: Oh yes, I just bought twelve pairs again. I was in Turkey, it was so awful, the one store was so bad - so in a good way.

What happens to the clothes and shoes that you no longer wear?

Carmen Geiss: I send some things to fans. Some single mothers, who do not have much money, sometimes get from me a packet of children's clothes. I try to divide it well. Of shoes, I am very reluctant.

What do you do when you sit at one of your many hairdressing, manicure and pedicure appointments?

Carmen Geiss: I read the newspaper. Otherwise, I like to play on the phone, "Angry Birds", because I'm crazy. These visits are total relaxation for me.

And when did you last wash your own hair?

Carmen Geiss: Difficult question. In Ibiza I went to the barber twice within four weeks a few months ago. The humidity was just too high. After an hour it was already a disaster. I do not sit down to the barber for two hours so that after an hour I look like before. I always air dried it then.