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Styling tips: How do I combine my basics nobly?

At the charity dinner at Windsor Castle, it can not be elegant enough. The British actress Emma Watson (24) proves her style and wears a white blouse and pleated skirt by Ralph Lauren instead of a sexy evening dress perfect for the anla
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Styling tips for my classics

Every year several new outfits? That does not have to be. With a few tricks blouse, pullover and T-shirt are now designed in an original and chic way.

Basics : White blouses

In the company of noble companions such as fur scarf or shimmer pants, the simple blouse transforms into an absolute star.

Pants, about 55 €, Gr. 32-44, BW-Mix, Topshop. Scarf, about 40 €, real fur, Topshop. Blouse, about 40 €, Gr. XS-XXL, synthetic fiber, Zalando. Shoes, about 90 €, Gr. 36-41, leather, Topshop

Styling tips for black pencil skirts

The elegant pencil skirt now simply needs some glitter and glamor. XL-hangers and the eye-catching green make it trendy.

Earrings, ca. 5 €, metal, H & M. Sweater, ca. 40 €, Gr. 34-46, wool mix, H & M. skirt, about 30 €, Gr. 34-46, synthetic fiber, mango. Shoes, about 40 €, Gr. 36-41, leather, H & M

Basic: Gray wool sweater

Basics for the winter: silver skirt and glass chain make even a simple jumper suitable for the evening. The ideal contrast: shiny slippers.

Sweater, about 70 €, Gr. XS-XL, cashmere, H & M. necklace, approx. 25 €, glass, Zara. Skirt, about 40 €, Gr. XS
XL, synthetic fiber, Zara. Shoes, about 35 €, Gr. 36-41, imitation leather, Topshop

Basic: Dark trousers

The pants win thanks to top shirt and pumps to elegance. The most important detail: the colorful XL glitter brooch.

Shirt, about 40 €, Gr. XS-XL, synthetic fiber, Zara. Pants, about 30 €, Gr. 34-46, synthetic fiber, H & M. brooch, approx. 6 €, Bijou Brigitte. Pumps, about 85 €, Gr. 36-41, leather, Topshop

Styling tips for colored longshirts

The box jacket made of tweed is the guarantee for a chic look. With leather pants and pointy pumps it gets interesting instead of classic.

Longshirt, ca. 20 €, Gr. XS-XL, Viscose, Zara. Jacket, about 40 €, Gr. 34-46, BW-Mix, H & M. Pants, ca. 50 €, Gr. XS-XL, synthetic fiber, Zara. Pumps, about 45 €, Gr. 36-41, synthetic, Zara

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