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Allergies just can not stand

Eyes shut and go for it? In the case of an allergy, this is not a helpful solution and may even lead to allergic asthma
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Allergic: eyes to and through?

If you are allergic, you should do more than just buy handkerchiefs. Because you do not do your health a favor.

Tears on every summer day? Many fall into the trap of thinking that one has to endure his allergy. But leave heroism to Superman and his colleagues! Experts warn: An untreated allergy will in most cases lead to the disease progressing. Because the chronic inflammatory process pollutes the body.

With dire consequences: One in four untreated hay fever sufferers develops allergic asthma over time. Experts speak of a "floor change". The allergic reaction spreads from the upper respiratory tract to the lower ones.

Such asthma can be life-threatening. However, if the hay fever therapy in time, the risk goes back by up to 90 percent.

Another danger is allergic shock reactions. If, for example, a child has already reacted violently to a wasp sting, you should definitely visit a doctor with him. He may prescribe emergency medications that will save you from an allergy shock at the next stitch.

Top priority therefore: do not ignore the case, but go to an allergist. This is not only better for the future, it also makes your life easier - and the summer a thousand times more beautiful. Promised!