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We present you different fasting methods Four fasting cures at a glance

The success of a fasting cure also depends on which method you choose. We will introduce you to four different approaches - FX-Mayr-Kur, Buchinger method, fruit fasting and soup fasting. Maybe there is the right method for you?

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  1. FX Mayr cure: lose up to five pounds
  2. Buchinger Method: Lets you lose up to six pounds
  3. Fruit fasting: Up to four kilos disappear
  4. Soup fasting: Up to four kilos down

FX Mayr cure: lose up to five pounds

One of the best known fasting treatments is the Mayr cure with fresh milk and rolls. Inventor was the Austrian doctor Franz Xaver Mayr (1875 - 1965).

Who is suitable for those who often suffer from constipation, heartburn, listlessness or headaches, can get off to too hasty eating habits with the Mayr cure and at the same time slim down a few pounds.

It's all about it: protection, cleansing and training are the three basic principles that have become known as the "Mayrschen S". All three points make up the overall concept of large-scale purification of the organism and restoration of intact digestion.

What to expect: every day a special cure from three rolls and a quarter to half a liter of milk. The simple rolls of white or spelled flour hardly take up the digestion. The milk provides important nutrients and detoxifies. Additional intake of Epsom salt solution flushes out stubborn deposits on the intestinal walls as well as bacterial colonization, toxins and acids.

The top priority of Mayr is the slow chewing and eating of the small bites. This stimulates salivation and prepares the food optimally for metabolism. Another plus: You perceive saturation signal earlier.

What should you pay attention to: Leave at least four hours between meals during the three main meals. Snacks are eliminated. Twice a day, before breakfast and dinner, base powder (one teaspoon dissolved in 250 milliliters of water) compensates for any excess acid present in the body, such as from the fat melt during fasting.

Medicinal plant juices from leaves, flowers, roots or fruits support the detoxification (birch), strengthen the intestinal function (artichoke) or strengthen the connective tissue (elderberry).

Buchinger Method: Lets you lose up to six pounds

Therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger (named after Dr. Otto Buchinger, 1878 - 1966) is one of the most practiced forms of fasting in addition to the Mayr cure. By abstaining from solid foods, the metabolism automatically switches to low flame and burns the unnecessary fat in depots on buttocks and hips.

Who is it for ? Anyone who wants to quickly and effectively get rid of the chopped winter bacon is right here. However, the cure requires a high degree of discipline.

What to expect: Diluted fruit and vegetable juices, honey-sweetened teas and at lunchtime a plate of vegetable stock. In addition, there is mineral water and herbal tea, as much as you like.

In spite of the minimal calorie intake, the body gets an optimal mix of vitamins, minerals and plant substances that drain and at the same time strengthen the connective tissue. Plenty of fluid ensures that excess food is eliminated through the kidneys and intestines. The body is thus cleaned from the inside and the digestion gently stimulated.

This should be noted: Dilute each juice portion with the same amount of mineral water and take the mixture with a spoon to him. Chew it every sip. This stimulates the production of saliva, activates the digestive glands and the meal is best utilized.

An important side effect of spoons: The actual drink becomes a real meal and makes you really full.

Even if one hardly believes it : "Feeling hungry rarely occur, the saturation effect is many times higher than with rapid drinking, " assures Margot Helmiss. It would be ideal if you made the fruit and vegetable juices yourself.

Good juicers are already available from 50 euros in the trade. Otherwise, high-quality organic juices called "natural" or "natural" are a Altenative, since they do without chemical treatment and additives.

Fruit fasting: Up to four kilos disappear

Bright red berries, fragrant apples or oranges: Access. Fruit has low calories, stimulates digestion and removes toxins from the body. Thanks to abundant vitamins (C and E), potassium and carotenoids, which help to leach excess water and fat out of the cells, the connective tissue is effectively strengthened.

For whom: Sweet-toothed cats who like to eat sweets and do not necessarily care about hot food.

What to expect: Three days of fruitful. Whether apples, berries or pineapple: contained vitamins and fiber activate the metabolism and drive the fat out of the cells. The treatment is supplemented by an apple cider vinegar drink (mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with 200 milliliters of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of honey).

The vinegar extracted from apple juice is a unique source of the fiber pectin, which drains gently. Drink 200 milliliters each before breakfast, at noon and in the evening, slowly and in small sips. So you can get the digestion going and subject the intestine to a thorough cleansing.

You should pay attention: Buy the fruits fresh for each day. Only select ripe fruit in organic quality, because most of the nutrients are in it. Always prepare fresh juices and fruit dishes and consume immediately. Because of the effects of light and oxygen, many vitamins are lost.

Even if fruit itself already has a high water content, you still drink at least two liters a day. The body needs the fluid to flush out toxins.

Soup fasting: Up to four kilos down

"Soup fasting is one of the most digestible forms of detoxification, " says Margot HellmiƟ. The good news is that you do not feel like fasting because there is a hot meal three times a day.

For whom suitable: Even fasting muffle can approach this cure. Great for professionals: The soups can be taken precooked in a thermos with everywhere.

What to Expect : Oatmeal morning soup is a veritable miracle soup that absorbs excess acid, removes toxins from the body, and lowers cholesterol levels. At lunchtime and in the evening, a warm vegetable soup ensures satiety and boosts fat burning thanks to abundant fiber.

Lots of enzymes, minerals and trace elements are gentle on the stomach, easily digestible and help to heal inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

You should pay attention: you can also prepare the base soup with other vegetables. Cabbage and broccoli stand out for their detoxifying effect. The reason is the extremely high content of ballast and bitter substances.

However, legumes such as beans or lentils tend to be inappropriate because some ingredients can not be broken down in the upper digestive tract.

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