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Weather PhenomenonWeather shock: There is snow in Corsica, Mallorca and Africa

Is there snow only in the north? Nonsense! These photos from the French island of Corsica, the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca and North Africa prove the opposite.

Snow on Corsica (picture above): At the moment Southern Europe and Africa are covered by snow
Photo: gettyimages

A shocking moment for most of the locals: a stormy low brewed over the Mediterranean and brought plenty of snow to regions where otherwise the sun is shining! Whether in southern France, Italy, Spain or even Algeria (in North Africa!): These countries can look forward to snow - while many Germans miss him in this country.

While temperatures in the French part of Corsica reached temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius in the last few days, in Italy it looks like this:

The rare weather event on the Mediterranean island of Majorca is especially astonishing for the Germans - after all, "Malle" is one of their favorite holiday resorts. In the last few days, however, things looked like in the Balearics, as in the following photo. In some regions of the island, the school has failed, some highways had to be closed. Finally, the snow stayed at an average of -5 degrees .

Unfortunately, the snowy weather is not "nice". On the Adriatic (east of Italy) and the French Cote d'Azur heavy storms are expected.

But the cold air does not stop at borders. Even the African countries of Tunisia and Algeria are currently completely covered in snow! This photo shows the Algerian city of Constantine:

To blame for the heavy snowy weather in southern Europe and North Africa is a weather depression in Sardinia, the icy winter air and heavy snow and storm gusts sweeping out to the Mediterranean Sea. Residents and tourists must expect heavy thunderstorms.