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Protest: Scout Willis went upstairs without shopping

Scout Willis topless

It's not the first time that the public has seen the nipples of Scout Willis, but this time she pulled out all the stops: The 22-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore went shopping without going to New York to oppose censorship to protest on Instagram.

On most social media sites, naked breasts are forbidden, which Scout Willis strongly criticized again.

Scout LaRue Willis topless in New York
Photo: Scout LaRue Willis / Twitter

Freedom for the nipples, is her propaganda, with which she wants to show herself from the feminist side: photos of breastfeeding mothers or breast cancer patients with uncovered breasts, which should inspire, must be allowed - she thinks.

The Busenblitzer the stars shows the gallery!

That's why Scout Willis went to New York half-naked for shopping and published the topless pictures on her Twitter profile. "Legal in New York, but not on Instagram, " she wrote about the scandal shootings on May 27, 2014.

An honorable request, but is it authentic in the case of Scout Willis, or did she just want to talk to him? After all, she already showed her nipples in early May on the red carpet of the Young Hollywood Issue Party of "Nylon Magazine", with no political agenda.

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