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Viral video: Bill Gates drinks water from sewage treatment plant

Five minutes ago, the clarified water that Bill Gates drinks here was still human droppings.
Photo: YouTube / thegatesnotes

Bill Gates drinks clarified water and sets an important signal

Bill Gates drinks a glass of water. Actually nothing special, the water would not have been human feces five minutes ago.

As soon as the new year has begun, there is already a new viral hit on the World Wide Web. The main player is none other than the world-famous billionaire and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates .

With the help of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the entrepreneur and his wife have been supporting social projects for years, such as the fight against diseases such as Ebola, polio and AIDS. In addition, the construction of sanitary facilities is promoted.

With his latest social project, Bill Gates has now created a stir on the net. His foundation supports the development of a machine called Omniprocessor . This plant not only turns feces into potable water but also into electricity. Another end product of the process is completely pure ash.

The conversion of human feces into drinking water takes just five minutes. Bill Gates drank the water from the treatment plant itself. With a smile, he shares his personal conclusion: "It's water." On his blog, Gates Notes, he continues, "The water tastes as good as any other I've ever drunk from a bottle, and after looking at the technology behind it, I would drink it every day for sure."

The video below details how the omniprocessor works. By the way, it does not get too bad smells. As Bill Gates writes on his blog Gates Notes, the feces at such high temperatures - namely 1000 degrees Celsius - burned so that no odors are released.

However, years may pass before the omniprocessor goes into mass production. However, it is clear that this invention could help save many lives. About two billion people in the world do not have the necessary sanitary facilities. Their feces so pollute their own drinking water and also that of their fellow humans. The omniprocessor could change that.

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