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Separation: Lana del Rey is single

Star separations: Lana del Rey

Do you have to worry about Lana del Rey? Shortly after her much-discussed statement that she wished she was dead, she admitted that after three years of relationship, she separated from her friend Barrie-James O'Neill.

Lana del Rey breakup
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Lana del Rey is known for sensual as well as often gloomy ballads. The sad songs on their June 2014 album "Ultraviolet" may have been privately inspired.

The current star separations shows the gallery! In an interview with the Swiss newspaper "20 Minuten" she admitted that she is single: "We are not together at the moment", she explained about the rock musician Barrie-James O'Neill, and further:

"He is a wonderful person. But there are a few things he has to deal with. I do not want to explain that in any detail. It was hard on our relationship, I did not feel free anymore. Let's see how it goes on. "

Concern for the state of mind of the Lana del Rey

The couple had been dating since 2011. In early 2014, Lana del Rey and her boyfriend got engaged. Now this love has failed. The singer is still resisting saying in an interview with "The Guardian" that she wishes she were already dead.

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