Recommended, 2022

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The new trends

Sun in the house: rich yellow and red radiate warmth and security. Lively patterns make the feel-good mix perfect.

Photo: Living idea

Sun, sand and ethno-look spread the heat of Africa in the living room. The atmosphere here emphasizes furniture made of plantation wood, the leather mesh and the bright plaster on the walls. They are filled with "StuccoDecor Di Luce", which is a special mass that reflects light effectively. Curtain and cushion fabrics send the eyes on their travels, because they reflect the color richness of the savannah through material and pattern mix.

Colorful pillows

A seating landscape of patterns and colors as exotic as the African continent. The fabrics: flat weave, jacquard, epinglé.

A strong piece of wood

The side table, which can also be used as a stool, is hand-crafted from the trunk of the tropical "Monkeypod" tree. Grain and color shades make it unique.

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