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Funny Video: Dog loves water fountain

Photo: Screenshot / possum007

What fun!

Here we have a dog owner once again owe a funny video: This dog discovers the new Wasserfontäne- and loves them!

Dogs and children always need employment. This four-legged friend has received a special gift: his own water fountain !

In the garden, bitch Shelby suddenly discovers a new toy. After curiously sniffing the strange device, she gently feels it with her paw. And in fact something happens - the operating secret was revealed. Each time the dog pushes the button with his paw, water spurts out. The fountain not only tastes good, but also makes incredible fun!

The dog can not get enough of his new toy - he loves the water fountain and serves it over and over and over! The result is a funny video. It's so easy to keep a dog busy!