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Love letters from the ghostwriter

Laura Nunziante herself has never received a love letter. Or written in your own favor. But the ghostwriter does it for other people.
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The feelings of others: Laura Nunziante is a ghostwriter for love letters

Aptly putting moving words on paper is a true art. And one with which Laura Nunziante earns her money. As ghostwriter for love letters.

"Marlene, " it says in black letters on the screen. Without "love", without "my". Only the simple name. This is important to Laura Nunziante to underline the seriousness of her letter. Only after the paragraph and a deep breath she continues: "Presumably this letter comes as a surprise for you, but only today I dare to talk about my feelings, to give you the reasons why I was so dismissive back then."

Her thoughts are summed up by the 27-year-old as clearly and orderly as the books on the desk in the corner of the bedroom in rank and file. But it is not her own story that typed Nunziante into the keyboard of her laptop. The freelance author writes love letters on behalf. She calculates 70 euros per page. One to three she needs to say what to say.

Laura Nunziante, 27, writes two love letters a week - for the text agency "Fine Rhyme". And looking for a publisher for her first romance novel. Photo: private.

Most are men who turn to Laura Nunziante. Often in the hope of regaining (almost) lost love - or to say goodbye to her one last time. "I rarely write letters for those who love fresh things, but I get most jobs when there are problems or sorrows in a relationship and people remember how wonderful classic love letters are." Laura Nunziante has perfected the talent of being so sensitive with language that one can translate the feelings of others into moving words while studying "creative writing" in London. She is also inspired by great writers and letter writers such as Franz Kafka. Nevertheless, Nunziante is a realist: " Of course, my love letters can only make a difference in the first moment - but never save the relationship."

"The way you see the world, how you tell it and how your voice gets warm and soft when it wants to explain itself - all this is what I need in my life ..." begins the second page of the letter to Marlene. She never heard the voice that Nunziante describes. But Marlene's ex-boyfriend has described her urgently.

Nunziante talks with her clients for up to an hour. To learn her story and understand the relationship. "It's also very important to hear people talking on the phone to be able to write the letter authentically, what use are they for filler words, how long are their sentences?" explains Nunziante. Only then will she succeed in the perfect illusion - after all, the recipient of the letter should have no doubt that the words are real - and by him - are.

"But you have to be careful that there will be a job in the end, even if some stories touch me." Like the tragic situation of a woman who fell in love with her brother-in-law. Or the story of a man who, after years, was attached to a lost childhood sweetheart.

"Marlene, the truth is, I miss you, I feel like the man I really am, Jens, " concludes Nunziante. Without I love you. "Writing that would be lazy, because the letter should have said exactly that, " she explains. Whether Jens will win back his Marlene, Nunziante will never know. "That's okay, I prefer focusing on my own relationship." Incidentally, she has never written a letter to her friend Benny. "But I would love to get one myself."