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Tip of the week: Parking ticket machine defective: May I still park?

It often happens that parking ticket machines are defective or switched off.
Photo: Mark de Leeuw / Tetra Images / Corbis

My daughter and I drove to the city on weekends for shopping . We parked on a large pay parking lot. Unfortunately we could not pull a parking ticket, because the ticket machine was broken. To be on the safe side, we looked for another parking space. Could we have parked there without a parking ticket? Gisela H. (61), Asbeck

THE EXPERT: Thomas Hagen, speaker of the consumer center Kiel

Yes! In this case, the legislator provides for the use of a parking disc, which is set to the arrival time and places the license behind the windshield. However, the maximum parking period may not be exceeded. You will find the appropriate regulation on the ticket machine .

If no time limit is specified there or if it is not displayed on the defective device, you can park your car without restrictions. Of course, you do not have to lay out a parking disc at free times, usually on Saturday afternoons or Sundays.

Before you reach for the parking disc, you should first make sure that there is not another functioning parking ticket machine in the parking zone. Then there must be solved a parking ticket.

If you park without a parking ticket or parking disc, you commit, incidentally, an administrative offense, which can be punished depending on the duration of the park with up to 25 €.

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