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Crochet bag - with free instructions

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Feel-good bag

Our new DIY project for the upcoming weekends: We make ourselves a bag ourselves. It starts with crochet hooks and lots of fun.

Granted, crocheting a bag is not for absolute beginners in the crochet scene, but we still dare to our new DIY idea. Because: This bag is not only beautiful individually, but also - thanks to sunflower - the good mood factor. How to crochet this bag is revealed in our free tutorial step by step. And now we wish you a lot of pleasure in making your own.

Crochet a white bag - with sunflower


c a. 26 x 28 cm (without pocket handle)
Size sunflower: about 13 cm in diameter


Schachenmayr original Catania, 250 g white (Fb 00106) and 50 g dandelion (Fb 00280), apple (Fb 00205) and coffee (Fb 00162). Milward wool crochet No. 3, 5 and 4, 5. 1 wooden plate, round vaulted, 40 cm diameter and 1 box of seed beads, 2.6 mm opaque in green by Rayher. 1 jar of sequins, 6 mm, transparent in honey of splendor, all available in craft retailers. 2 bag handles "marilyn" by Prym. Transparent sewing thread from Coats.


Lftm, Kettm, fe M, hStb, DStb, Dreifach-Stb, Krebsm.


On a Lftm chain arb.
1st row : Crochet 1 row in each row, making the 1st row in the 2nd row from the row.
2nd row : 3 rows for the 1st tr * Repeat 1 st in the next row sts, 1 tr in the following sts, ab *.
3rd round : Turn 1 dc in 1 tr in previous sc, 1 dc in the next row of the previous row, 1 dc in the next row of the pre-row. always repeat.
Crochet the 1st - 3rd R 1x. Then always repeat the 2nd and 3rd Rs .


Crochet 16 sts and 12 sts with double thread and number 4.5 in basic pattern = 10x10 cm

Attention! In the manual all fe M and Stb of the basic pattern are called M = mesh.


Cast on 27 Lftm + 1 Turn-Lftm with Nd 4, 5 and double white thread and work in the basic pattern, starting from both ends on both sides 7x in every 4th row per 1 st. = 41 sts. Add the added stance to the basic pattern. After 33 R from stop, cut off the thread.


Crochet the same way.

Side parts and bottom

Cast on 8 b and 1 turn in white with double thread and Nd No. 4, 5 and crochet in R feM. each R with 1 additional Lftm turn. Cut off the thread after 72 cm from the stop.


For the flower center, cast on 2 sts with size 3.5 mm and plain brown yarn and crochet in Spralrd as follows:

1st round: 8 feet in the 2nd round from the north. Mark the beginning of the round with a contrast thread.
2nd and 3rd rounds: in every fe M 2 fe M = 32 feet M.
ROUND 4: 1 st at each sl st at once. Knit round with 1 sl st in 1st dc st. Crochet the flower center 2x. Then place the flower centers on the left side and crochet together with fe M in brown, then insert the wooden board after the first half. Now continue to crochet the petals with size 3.5 and yellow yarn as follows: tie the thread to a fe st, making sure that the center of the flower is pointing forwards, * cast on 9 rounds of +1 turn-round sts and Crochet 1 st M, 1 htr, 1 dc, 3 dc, 1 dc, 1 htr, 1 dc, 1 sl st in the next fe M of flower center. Repeat from * 31 times. There are 32 petals crocheted.


Leave a long initial thread. For the sheet cast on 15 ch + 1 rewind ch with LV 3.5 and plain green yarn and work on the ch-string as follows: for the 1st half of the sheet 1 fe M, 2 hStb, 2 tr, 2 dStb, Work 3 tr, 2 dtr, 1 tr, 1 htr, work in the last round 4 dtr, changing to the opposite side and for the second half of the sheet 1 htr, 1 tr, 2 dtr, 3 tr, 2 dtr, 2 tr, 2 h tr and 1 fe m work. Then cut the thread.

From the starting thread for the stalk, cast on 3 lftm + 1 turn sts and crochet 1 st in each st. Finally fix the stem with 1 warp at the beginning of the leaf.


First embroider the flower center of the sunflower with brown stinging stitches. Afterwards stitch the sequins in the middle with transparent sewing thread. Tighten the petals and the leaf slightly, moisten and let dry. Crochet the sides and the bottom of the sides and the back of the flats by using a fe M with Nd 4.5 and double white yarn on the front and back. Crochet the upper edge of the front, back and side panels in conjunction with 1 round of crab (= work from left to right). Sew the pocket handles as shown on the front and back. Embroider the style of the sunflower according to Fig. With stems made of double-spun yarn on the front side. Sew on the sunflower and the leaf. Finally sew on the seed beads in the lower pocket area of ​​the front side as desired or as desired.