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Style yourself lean - so you cheat up to 3 kilos away

Sweatshirt cut in A-line, about 40 euros, Happysize
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  1. Styling tips that make you slim
  2. These parts cheat away a few kilos
  3. By the way: strong upper arms disappear with these clothes in no time

Styling tips that make you slim

With our clever styling tricks you cheat a few pounds slimmer - and that without feeling pinched or hungry.

Here a little less, there a bit more, we constantly want to optimize ourselves. Are we never really happy with our body ?! Now it's enough with the Rumgenörgel and constant Kalorienzählen! Because: With a few styling tricks you can visually lose up to 3 kilos - and feel just great in the future.

These parts cheat away a few kilos

Style Slim - Tip 1: Even if you're worried that it will make you pale, dark tones will make you look slimmer than bright ones and will not visually wear too much. Of course you should not run around as a shadow plant now, highlight your outfit in any case with happy accessories or a colorful part per look.

Style Slim - Tip 2: When buying jeans or dresses, make sure the wash or pattern brightens towards the center. Due to this effect you also optically lose kilos. Especially figure-flattering: dresses that have a black fabric insert on the side. They are also the secret tip of many stars on the red carpet.

Styling Slim - Tip 3: Even if you're just a pretty accessory, certain accessories and shoes can make a big difference to a sleek styling. So do not underestimate her! Long chains and scarves make your body visually longer, for example. Tall shoes make you taller. Therefore, optically the proportions are different and you look thinner. When choosing a handbag, make sure it is medium in size. Why? Although clutch and shoppers are in vogue, both may make you look bulky.

Style Slim - Tip # 4: There are special cuts that make the figure look flatter, for a slimmer look. Narrow, elongated, straight parts are just right for it. Even tailored blazers are real kilo cheaters. Make sure that the Blazer has only one button row, is cut longer and has a dark tone. For dresses, it's best to grab A-line Empire styles or shawls - so you can not go wrong. For example, ruffles can also cheat away a tummy. However, keep away from ruffles that usually wear.

Style Slim - Tip # 5: Watch out for fluid materials that will not last as quickly. Chiffon, cotton or linen are ideal here. Be sure to choose pieces that are form-fitting but not snug. Be careful with knitting. Often straight cable patterns and Co. are the ones that suddenly make us rounder than we would like.

By the way: Strong upper arms disappear with these clothes in no time

Upper arms:

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