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Patchwork pillow with heart application

  • 42 x 84 cm baby cord in pale blue floral pattern and remaining piece for the heart (department store, about 10 Euro / m)
  • 29 x 29 cm Vichykarostoff in pink (department store, approx.

      8 euros / m)
    • 24 x 24 cm baby cord in brown (department store, about 10 Euro / m)
    • Sewing machine and matching yarn
    • Cushion inlay 40 x 40 cm (department store)
    • sewing needle
    • tape measure
    • fabric scissors
    • pinking shears

    1. Cut 2 squares of 42 x 42 cm from the light blue fabric.

    2. Cut the edges of the Vichykaroffoffs and the light brown fabric with the pinking shears.

    3. Cut a heart approximately 16 cm wide from the rest of the light blue fabric with a zigzag shear.

    4. Using a tight zigzag stitch, apply the center of the heart to the light brown fabric, apply light brown fabric to the Vichy Karo fabric and sew the resulting piece in the center of one of the light blue fabric pieces.

    5. Merging blue pieces of fabric right to right and stitching together with 1 cm seam allowance to a piece about 20 cm long.

    6. Turn the cushion, insert the inlay, close the open seam piece by hand.