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Half dog, half teddy: Munchkin conquers the internet

Photo: Screenshot / Munchkin the Shih Tzu

Curious cuddly toy

A teddy comes to life! Or is that a dog? Either way: Munchkin conquers the Internet in a curious video!

The relaxed times in the basket are over. Munchkin is now a star. A video of the wondrous being is currently going around the world. At first, many viewers think of the movie Ted - is this a new trailer?

If you take a closer look, you will discover that this is by no means Mark Wahlberg's best friend. Munchkin is half dog, half teddy. Munter he runs in the video to the camera and actually makes the appearance, as if a cuddly toy had been brought to life.

Munchkins family has allowed themselves a fun. To make her dog even sweeter than he already is, they make him a costume. The cuddly toy's head was quickly replaced by the dog's cute pout. So the four-legged friends suddenly becomes a running teddy!

The coat of dog and teddy resembles each other so much that it actually looks for the first moment as if a grim bear were running towards the camera. The grumpy expression and the deceptively real costume make Munchkin a hero on the Internet!

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