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Still-ban at Primark: Mother is thrown out

Primark is an Irish fashion chain
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Update from 16.07 .: Meanwhile, Primark has investigated the incident. A press release on the topic states:

"We take the allegation of our customer very seriously and have therefore examined it.The video surveillance footage, which was checked by the management of the store, shows the customer perfectly clear in the store in Leicester in the period in question.

We can not see any indication that anyone has approached her at this time.

We talked to the duty guards. They categorically deny having acted as asserted. In addition, these persons do not fit the description of the customer. For this reason, we have come to the conclusion that the allegation of the customer is not confirmed by the evidence available at the present time. Of course, the company will be happy to assist with any kind of police investigation into this matter should it be necessary.

We tried contacting the client to re-brief her on Primark's handling of infant feeding. "

So what's really up in the story? We have no idea if the mother will call again.

1st article version from 14.7.

Incredible! In Leicester, UK, a 28-year-old mother was kicked out by a security guard for breastfeeding her child at the store. Before that he had violently snatched the child from her. Primark itself says: Women are allowed to breastfeed anywhere in Primark stores.

When the Primark employee surprised Caroline Starmer while breastfeeding at Primark in Leicester, he made short work of it: he picked up her baby and slammed the words "If you want your baby back, follow me". And that, even though Caroline had withdrawn her breastfeeding with her nine-month-old daughter Paige. She was hiding behind a mannequin.

First, the security guard told her to leave. When the young mother did not follow him, he snatched the child from her and disappeared into the shop. Caroline tried to pursue the man, but at the same time she still had the twin sister of the little Paige in the stroller.

"I was in shock, " she says. Without further ado, she sprints off and reaches the security guard to confront him. When she reaches him, she immediately brings little Paige back on her arm. Together with the twin daughters, Caroline leaves the shop and reports the incident directly to the police. This now determined against the security guard.

Primark announced that breastfeeding in their stores was by no means prohibited. On the contrary, it tries to provide the customers with retreat areas for breastfeeding. The incident in Leicester was an isolated case.

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