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Emma Pernald: Carl Philips Ex gets a baby

Prince Carl Philip and Emma Pernald: Nine years they were a dream couple - now Emma gets a baby with another ...
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Anyone who is affiliated with a celebrity, even gets a degree of importance and retains it, even if the delicate ties are already torn ...

In Sweden this applies to Emma Pernald . For a full nine (!) Years she was the girlfriend (and thus in the eyes of some the secret bride) of Prince Carl Philip . Many would have liked it if the prince had marched to the altar with Emma Pernald, because she never pushed herself into the foreground all the time, but always remained discreetly in the background.

But the love between her and Carl Philip ended in 2010 in silence. However, in the Stockholm VIP scene Emma continues to frequent, is often photographed and adorns the gossip columns of the press, not least because she is considered a close friend of Princess Madeleine.

Therefore, in Sweden's metropolis is also whispering theme that Emma Pernald visibly expected by her boyfriend, the banker Tomas Jonson, a baby : the baby that many Swedes would have liked Emma Pernald and Carl Philip .

The current girlfriend of the prince, the actress Sofia Helqist, still has a hard time with the people, because she has defoliated in TV series more than once quite far.

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