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StrickanleitungRustic jacket: How to knit the garment yourself!

An autumn without a cardigan?

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Without us! That's why we have this beautiful, rustic cardigan with fringes for you. The color fits perfectly with any jeans and the rustic wool keeps you warm. And best of all: with our instructions, you can easily knit them yourself.

That's what you need:

  • Schachenmayr Leana, 50 g ball
  • Color 00090 (marble color) balls
  • Color 00087 (autumn color) balls
  • from Milward an 80 or 100 cm long circular needle 7 mm
  • 2 fast motion
  • 1 crochet hook
  • 3 fur hooks from Prym, Art. 261 455
  • a woolen needle

That's how it works:

Basic pattern: Odd number of stitches.
1. R (= back) and all of the following: Remove 3 edge sts left, while carrying the thread before work, knit right sts to 3 sts before R-end, 3 sts left to lift off, while carrying the thread before work.
2nd row (= right): Knit 3 sts to the right, * 1 st inks, 1 sts to the left, carrying the thread before work, repeat from *, repeat with 1 st at left, knit 3 sts at right.
4th row (= right): Knit 3 edge sts on the right, * 1 st on left, while doing so, work 1 st left, repeat from *, then end with 1 sts left, keeping the thread in front of work, 3 knit marginally. Always repeat the 1st to 4th Rs.

Knit 1 st in stocking sts: Knit at the beginning of the row at the beginning of the 3 sts 2 sts on the right (knit 1 st, knit 1 st from the right and pull off the sts), knit at the R-end in front of the 3 sts 2 sts to the right. Strip sequence: * 2 R in autumn color, 2 R in marble color, from * repeat 4x = 20 R (= approx. 9 cm).

The data for the individual sizes are from the smallest to the largest size in succession, each separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes. Note: The back and front halves are knit in one piece to the armholes.

Cast on 131/140/149 sts in marble color in double twisted cross stitch and knit in pattern from beg of 1st row.
After 20 cm from the stop work the following 20 R in the strip sequence, then continue in autumn color.

After 45 cm from the stop for the armholes, work as follows: Knit 29/31/33 sts, cast off 10 sts, knit 53/58/63 sts, cast off 10 sts, knit 29/31/33 sts. The ever 29/31/33 M shut down.

Raglan back part
Knit the back piece over the 53/58/63 sts. For the raglan chamfers, remove in each 4th R 6x / 7x / 8x 1 st and in every 2nd R 10x 1 st behind or in front of the edge sts (note: an the raglan bevel is knitted only 1 Randm).
Cast off the remaining 21/24/27 sts after these 44/48/52 R (= approx. 20/22/24 cm) raglan hight.
Total length = 65/67/69 cm.
Raglan and v-neck left front
Take the decommissioned 29/31/33 M of the left front piece into work and remove the declines for the raglan skew on the right working edge as described for the back piece a total of 16/17/18 sts.
At the same time for the 4th cut R at the edge of the work piece in each 4th R 10x / 11x / 12x 1 sts decrease, keeping the 3 edges.
After 44/48/52 R (= 20/22/24 cm) cast off the remaining 3 sts.
Total length = 65/67/69 cm

Raglan right front part
Working in the same way as the left front part.

41/43/45 sts in marble color in double-twisted cross-stitching and abd er 1. Knit back in the round pattern, knitting only 1 edge sts.
After 20 cm from the stop, work the following 20 R in the sequence, then continue in autumn color.

Simultaneously with the beginning of the basic pattern on both sides in every 10th R 9x 1 sts / every 10th R 6x 1 sts and in each
8. R 4x 1 M / inj each 1 0. R 2 x 1 M and inj eer
Increase R 9x 1 st = 59/63/67 sts. Armholes
Cast off after 45 cm from both sides 1x 5 sts = 49/53/57 sts.

Slightly remove on both sides in each 2nd R 20x / 22x / 24x 1 st after or in front of the edge. 44/48/52 R (= approx. 20 /
22/24 cm) Raglan hernia bind off the remaining 9 sts.
Total length = 65/67/69 cm. Knitt the second sleeve as well.

Tighten the parts, moisten and allow to dry.
Close the raglan seams, then close the sleeve and side seams.

For the I-cord decoupling edge from the neckline slant of the right front piece with a long end thread (the ball stays on the right side) 35/38/41 sts, from the last sts of the right front piece 3 sts, from the right sleeve 9 sts, from the back part 21/24/27 M, from the left sleeve 9 M, from the last M of the right front part 3 M and from the neckline bevel
Take off from left front piece 35/38/41 sts = 115/124/133 sts. Cast off sts as follows: Work 3 sts on same, knit 2 sts on right, knit 2 sts on left, lift 3 sts back on left needle and Pull the knitting thread firmly over the back of the work, repeat from * continuously, cast off the last 3 sts. At the lower edge of the jacket tie 20 cm long fringes in a 3-ply bundle every other st. Sew on the fur hooks as shown in the diagram. Sew all threads.

Here's the knitting instructions for your cardigan