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Knitting Tutorial: How to knit a summery knit top

Knit Summer Top: We tell you in our guide how to knit a summery top.

You can easily knit this knit top yourself
Photo: Lana Grossa

Summer can come: In this short-sleeved top, you can really enjoy the summer. The instructions for the colorful Stricktop can be found in our guide, which you can download as pdf.

That's what you need:

Schachenmayr Tahiti, 50 g ball of color 07688 (haiti), color 07631 (faded ocean). Check the bands and use only balls of the same color lot. The material consumption can vary from person to person

NEEDLES & MISCELLANEOUS: From Milward Knitting Needles 3 mm An auxiliary needle (stitch-lenght) for closing the stitches A woolen needle.

That's how it works:

MESH TEMPLATE In the textured pattern: 28 M and 40 R = 10 x 10 cm If the mesh size is different, use thicker or thinner needles. For this model, knit the Tahiti quality slightly looser than indicated on the banderole.

BASIC TECHNIQUES Kraus right: Knit back and forth in stocking sts. Structural pattern: M number divisible by 10 + 6 + marginal. 1st R: Between the edge knit all sts right. 2nd R: Randm, * 6 M right, 4 M left, repeat from *, repeat with 6 sts to the right, edge sts. 3rd row: Knit all sts on the right side between the edges. 4th row: edge st, * 1 st in the right, 4 sts left, 5 sts right, ab * repeat all the time, finish with 1 sts left, 4 sts left, 1 sts right, margin sts. The 1st-4th Repeat R always. Knot edge: Knit all edges on the back and the right side.

The data for the individual sizes are from the smallest to the largest size in succession, in different colors and separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

BACK PIECE Cast into Haiti 118/128/138/148/168 sts and knit 5 cm garter stitch (= panel). Then knit straight up in the pattern.

Click here to download the manual.