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Change of strategy at H & M: Essentials are the new trends

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H & M launches Modern Classic Style Essentials collection

Well, these are classics: white blouses, skirts, plain dresses and blazers. But: They come from H & M and the Sweden Shop triggers a new trend that lasts much longer than a season.

What's up at H & M? Fast trends and cheap prices. Fast fashion, which usually survives no second season. But now the Swedish fashion manufacturer is making a 180 degree turn, at least in part. The new motto: timeless basics never go out of fashion. In mid-March, H & M will launch the "Modern Classic Style Essentials" collection on the market. The new line appears in a significantly reduced look. Classic cuts, clean lines, feminine shapes and muted colors are in the foreground. It's about timeless classics that are rather clean and reserved than today-in-tomorrow-out. The fabrics are also of higher quality: Linen, silk and suede are replaced by polyester blends. Priced in the collection in the H & M range, the parts are between 15 and 130 euros.

The aim of the Basic collection is to create fashion that he should have several seasons justification. The white shirt blouse, the well-cut suit, the little black dress. The approach, less trend. more style, we find good. After all, it's all too often: Lila is the new black. Batik are the new stripes. Midi is the new Mini. Do not get confused! And prefer to invest in high-quality classics than in hastily proclaimed trends. Whether at H & M or elsewhere ...

The collection will be available online from March 12, 2015 and at selected H & M stores worldwide. All looks are on top for click through.

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