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Statement Earrings: Stars love the new trend jewelry

Statement earrings: favorite jewelery of the stars

Less is more? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Stars wear statement earrings
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Statemtent earrings show that opulent ear jewelery in Hollywood is the best of the season. Of course, stars like Taylor Swift and Heidi Klum are already in the picture and have discovered the statement earrings for themselves. We show which celebs wear the ear-accessories of the extra class very well.

Glamorous statement earrings we discover more and more often to stars like Taylor Swift and Miranda Kerr. Because in contrast to the classic diamond ear studs many variants are possible with the pretty statement look. Whether colorful gemstones or filigree diamond pendants - accents are set by stones, color and of course style.

Which stars except Taylor Swift wear statement earrings, shows the gallery (17 pictures)!

But as with the trends in the statement chain and cuffs, it's especially important that the rest of the outfit stays simple. The trendy earrings are best combined with discreet make-up, as Taylor Swift exemplary presented at the People's Choice Awards at the beginning of January 2013. And of course, updos or tied hair are in demand so that these exceptional jewelry can really come into their own.

Round or square - statement earrings must work

"Shameless" star Emmy Rossum, for example, appeared in mid-April 2013 with lush flower ear plugs to a gala in New York. The hair was straightened to the rear so that the jewelry could really shine. Lea Michele, end of January 2013 at the SAG Awards, and Sofia Vergara, end of September 2012, both wore beautiful variations of the long earring variation. But regardless of whether it is round or long, this trend offers the right look for every earring wearer!

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