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Sport: Healing effect in diseases

Sport helps to cure diseases such as diabetes or cancer.
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Physicians have long known that one can prevent sports against diseases . But more and more studies now show : Sport is also a good therapy, if you are already sick! The principle "the sick must spare" is no longer true.

The important thing is that you slowly get used to the joints and muscles to the load - so there is no pain in the knees and / or hips, which spoil the new desire for the movement. After all, whoever demands a bit of his musculoskeletal system, preferably at regular intervals, will be rewarded with the certainty that I am doing something really effective against dangerous civilization diseases .

The effects of diabetes:

In regular sports, the body's own insulin works better, the sugar into the cells. The blood sugar level drops. A German study shows that diabetics need up to 80 percent less diabetes after three weeks of exercise and nutritional therapy! Good are at least 30 minutes per day for a brisk walk, plus 40 minutes endurance sport (eg Nordic Walking) three times a week: this reduces the risk of diabetes by up to 40%.

The effects of cancer:

Through a lot of movement, the number of killer cells that kill tumor cells is increasing, according to a US study. In particular, the risk of breast cancer falls significantly when you train three times a week for 30 minutes. Walking and gymnastics are ideal here. Researchers at the University of Paris found that six hours of walking a week reduces the risk of colorectal cancer by up to 70 percent.

The effects of heart disease:

A study by the University of Leipzig shows: Daily 20 minutes of easier endurance sports (eg cycling) keeps blocked coronary vessels better open than inserted tubes (stents)! Researchers at the University of Kiel proved: Sport lowers high blood pressure, z. B. with daily 20 minutes swimming. Important: With blood pressure over 160/100 one should do sport only under medical care, approximately in a Herzsportgruppe. Addresses knows the family doctor.

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