Recommended, 2022

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Juice bottle with flower ring

  • Florist wire (from the florist or craft shop)
  • about 3 branched stems Spierea
  • approximately

      5 branched stems Solidaster
    • 1-3 branched stems of wax flowers
    • Flower Binding Wire (Craft Shop)
    • Schleifenband
    • secateurs

    1. Wind the florist wire to a circle of approx. 10 cm ΓΈ, do not connect the ends.

    2. Cut spierea, solidaster and wax flowers into short sections.

    3. Combine 4-5 sections at a time and wrap around the wire circle with binding wire. Continue until the ring is completely wrapped in flowers while working in a single scale.

    4. Place the flower garland around the neck of the bottle and twirl the ends of the wire. Include a band for hanging.