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Anita Hofmann: Doctors! For 20 years, she suffered agony

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Choking fits, constant fatigue, severe pain: For two decades, that was part of everyday life for Anita Hofman - and nobody could help her!

The folk musician has been suffering from severe atopic dermatitis since childhood: an incurable disease with accompanying symptoms such as inflammatory skin irritations, asthma and food allergies - for Anita pure hell! "It was partly so bad that I could eat nothing more than pasta and salad, " says the brave singer. The disease even threatened her life! Again and again, when Anita had eaten something wrong on a tour, it came to shock conditions - shortly before appearances, her breathing stopped suddenly, the circulation failed . Sister Alexandra and paramedics had to bring her back to life several times. Of course, the singer sought help from various doctors, took two years of high-dose cortisone. Anita did not explain about alternative therapies. Although her symptoms were getting worse. For years, the doctors treated the folk musician completely wrong and botched her life. "If you have pain from morning to night, you lose sight of the beautiful things in life someday, " recalls the 33-year-old. Only when Anita made her suffering public, expert rescue came: the light clinic in Dusseldorf. There, her skin was treated for several months with special UV-free light - with sensational success. "I could finally start living really, " she beams. Today Anita can eat almost everything and enjoy the happiness with her Thorsten right, the pain is past! "I only wish I had discovered this therapy earlier. She would have saved me a lot of grief and sorrow, " she sighs.

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