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Sweet video: What a dog does when he is alone at home

What this cute Goldendoodle does when alone at home is shown in the video below.
Photo: Facebook / Mike The Intern

Dog alone at home

What does a dog do when it's home alone? Maybe sleep or frolic through every room? The dog in this video definitely does not.

Many dog ​​owners will probably ask themselves what exactly their animal best friend does when he's alone in his own home. American radio presenter Mike Holmes, better known to his fans than Mike The Intern, finally wanted an answer to that question.

He borrowed a GoPro camera from a friend and attached it to his cute Goldendoodle before he left the house. It was not the first time that Mike left his dog alone, but now he should see for the first time what happens in his absence.

Presumably the presenter of radio station 104.7 FM The Cave would not have expected the reaction of his four-legged best friend to be seen in the video below.

In the first few seconds after Mike leaves the house, his dog is still sitting expectantly outside the door. Maybe his master is coming back? Then the dog casts a glance out of the window. But obviously there is no sign of dog owner Mike.

To be a bit closer to his master, the Goldendoodle finally crawls into a pile of clothes lying on the bed. What happens then does not just melt the hearts of animal lovers. Mike's dog begins to howl with a heartbeat and can not calm down anymore.

The separation from his master obviously puts the dog pretty well. He seems to miss his beloved master very much.

When Mike Holmes sees these shots, he is deeply touched. He has had his dog for six years, but he never realized he would be so missed during his absence. Mike writes on the Reddit online platform: "I'll never leave him alone again."

The dog itself has now become a true YouTube star. In the last few weeks, the howling dog's video has been clicked nearly 14 million times.