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Video: His son bought a doll ...

His son chose just this doll!
Photo: Mikki Willis / Facebook

The great reaction of the father

... that's how the father reacted on Facebook. His son had picked a mermaid doll in the toy store.

Cars, footballs, lego and monster figures - a toy store can be the purest paradise for a little boy. But it does not always have to be the gender-specific toys that children choose. Why should not a boy enjoy Barbie and Co?

There is absolutely no reason. This proves this wonderful video of a father sharing his reaction to the decision of his boy in the toy business with the world. His son had previously bought a doll. So what? The father cleans up with annoying gender clich├ęs and wants to show humanity what tolerance really means!

The beginning of the video is clever. Still, one may not predict how the man judges the purchase of his boy when he provocatively asks the camera how a father may feel comfortable when his son chooses this toy. With raised eyebrows he holds the mermaid doll in the camera.

The answer could not be clearer: YEAH, son and father are screaming and laughing at the camera. The daddy sees the doll as a confirmation of doing everything right: he wants to let his children live the life they want. Whether a boy is interested in dolls or a girl in cars is unimportant, as long as the child is happy!

At the end, the video becomes even more touching, because the father tells his sons what the "Yeah" means: He will always love and accept his children, however they wish to lead their lives. The boys should all ways open. If his son wants to buy a doll, he gets a doll.

The cute video has been clicked an incredible 13 million times. The father clearly does everything right: with the mixture of wit and seriousness, he conveys a message that everyone should take to heart: to accept people and their wishes as they are.

As our little video continues to travel, it's a reminder of how much we have embraced and accepted. I've ...

Posted by Mikki Willis on Monday, August 24, 2015

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