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TestTest: Are you ready for the island?

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So stressed you are really

Do you have the impression that you need a longer break? Are you wondering if you should take a break? Do the test now and find out ...

Everybody has a different stress level. That is clear. But many external factors play a big role in how stressed you feel. Does the boss always demand more and the overtime pile up? Is electricity only in the office because ambition has seized you?

To compensate for a strenuous everyday routine in the job, of course, the leisure. But what happens if it barely offers any recovery? The phone rings in a tour, because friends want to get hold of one of the few leisure slots in your calendar. You race to the supermarket on the weekend, then quickly cook at home, bring the kids to friends - and even in the evening you are still dating. Put your feet up? Wrong!

Or are you one of those people who shovel themselves off the TV in front of the TV for a night to slow down?

Now do the test and find out if you're ready for the island.

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