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Andrea Berg and Uli Ferber: That's their love secret!

Andrea Berg in an interview
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Andrea Berg & Uli Ferber: "For what we love, we work like the crazy ones"

Passion is a source of strength for Andrea Berg (48). Professional and private! The Schlager-Queen never spoke openly about herself, her plans and her love for her husband Uli Ferber (55).

Her hit is called "Heaven on Earth". When is this feeling achieved for you?

Andrea Berg : When I am surrounded by my family and friends. Then I can be the way I am.

You are also friends with your producer Dieter Bohlen. Are you already planning a new album ?

Yes. We do not want to rush over. Of course, it will continue, I'm thinking about the future. But right now I am taking a creative phase. I give my head free rein. Now I want to enjoy the time with my husband Uli, my daughter Lena, my mom and the rest of the family to the fullest.

You are connecting something special with your daughter ...

Lena and I just like being together. We walk with the dogs, sometimes just talk or cook together. Due to the marriage with Uli two brothers have been added for Lena. A big family was the way of life that we both have always wanted.

So you have everything you've been looking for?

I arrived. Uli and I, we searched and found each other. We are both so crazy that it just fits. These visions that we have together connect us.

Would you have thought to find such a man?

No. To have such an intensity in the partnership is unbelievable. If something is important to us, we work like crazy people until it's perfect. Nevertheless, we take private time off.

Do you have an example?

Sitting on the sofa with my husband and looking at the "crime scene" with delicious spaghetti in cream sauce. This is life. Nothing fits in there.

How does your husband Uli Ferber show you that he is proud of you?

He is not a big speaker. When he talks to others, he says jokingly: "She's crazy and sews curtains for our village in the morning at five o'clock." But then he starts to show people what I've done. Then I see in his eyes how proud he is.

You are traveling a lot. What drives you?

There is always something new that drives me. Passion to burn for something is an insane power source. I do not have to do anything in life that I do not want. I say that again and again. I only do what makes me happy.

Andrea Berg's current album: "Atlantis live - the home game" (Photo: Ariola (Sony Music))

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