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Fold napkin to fir-tree

  • Napkins (green)

1. Spread out the napkin so that the left side is up.

2. Halve the napkin once, from left to right.

3. Hold the middle of the upper edge with your index finger and bend the left and right upper corners each approx. 2 cm to create a flat, triangular shape.

4. Now fold the right side over the middle. The remaining lower rectangular part should be slightly more than 1/3 of the total height of the napkin.

5. Now also hit the left side inwards. Make sure that the lower corners of the resulting triangle are at the same height.

6. Fold up the lower rectangular part at the corners of the triangle.

7. Fold back the upper part of the rectangle at an imaginary fold edge, which is about 5 cm above the resulting lower edge.

8. Grasp the bottom right corner and fold inward to create an equilateral triangle. Make sure that the vertical edge is straight, this will be the trunk of the fir.

9. Now, as in the previous step, fold the left side inwards.

Just turn the napkin over and you're done.